Are you a special person?


Care 4 Pets Carers all have one thing in common; they have owned a dog at some time and understand how precious family pets are.  Care 4 Pets Limited is a well established pet care agency with 15 years experience, and offers a wide range of services including home boarding, home visiting, dog walking and home sitting.  Care 4 Pets is known to many Veterinary Centres in South Wales, and has hundreds of regular clients who rely on the services provided. Call or email us to chat further about becoming a pet carer.

A message from one of our pet carers

“I have been a carer with Care 4 Pets for a number of years now, I applied when my dog died and I could not face the heartache of losing another. Also, I did not want to tie myself down again to the commitment of another pet. As a carer for Care 4 Pets I am able to choose which dogs I take and when. I love the freedom of caring for some wonderful pets, many of whom return time and time again. Some dogs are more demanding than others and I have been known to share my pillow with the occasional Yorkie! I draw the line however at pillow sharing with an Irish wolfhound! I missed taking my dog out and meeting like-minded people, now with my guest dogs I doggie socialise once again! I would recommend being a carer to anyone who loves dogs but does not want to commit to owning one on a full time basis. Go on, join Care 4Pets, you won’t regret it.”

How many Hours do you have to work?

It is your decision as to how much work you want to commit to; the amount of work available will vary month by month and season by season.


You will find that once you have built up trust between you, your client and their pet, the client will remain a loyal customer to you in the future




Working on a self employed basis, you will have the opportunity to do something that you enjoy as well as having flexible working times and gaining extra income.


Benefits of becoming a carer for Care 4 Pets include:


  • All bookings, fees etc are arranged directly between Care 4 Pets and the client. When opportunities arise in your area you will be contacted by Care 4 Pets

  • Care 4 Pets conducts all administrative work such as invoicing clients and collecting payments

  • Care 4 Pets holds public liability and employers liability insurance

  • No expensive advertising costs for you.  Care 4 Pets is listed in Yellow Pages, local papers, has a web site, posters can be provided for use in the community and full colour pamphlets for display in veterinary surgeries and other businesses.

  • Flexible working times

  • Earnings paid directly into your bank account when work completed

  • There is back up available from other carers if for some reason e.g. sickness prevents you from being able to continue with arranged visits/walks


If you are successful with your application you will receive full support from Care 4 Pets which will assist you in your early days. Care 4 Pets can also offer advice on dealing with tax from your self employed position.


You would be required to provide a police check which will cost you approximately £15.  In addition, if you wish to home board you would need to apply to the local Council for a licence to home board; we will assist you in this matter and can offer financial assistance if required.  We will visit your home before your scheduled visit from the Council to check everything meets their conditions.

Call us now, we would love to hear from you!